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Free shipping available on all Herman Miller Chairs!
Free shipping available on all Herman Miller Chairs!

Sell Herman Miller Aerons to us

Everybody deserves comfort when at work, whether in their home office set-up or in their office space. But not everybody recognises that, in fact, this comfort can go hand-in-hand with style.

Herman Miller is the epitome of these two considerations. Founded in 1905, for over century Herman Miller has consistently produced high-quality office furniture. The US company’s innovative designs, their diligence with regards to the smallest details, and the visual appeal of their products has made Herman Miller one of the world’s most respected and renowned office furniture specialists.    

Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron, released in 1994, is an icon of office furniture design. It has proven so popular that it has become the archetypal office chair: comfortable, elegant, practical, adaptable and with an attractive aesthetic. It has that quality that every brand dreams of, which is that it is instantly recognisable. Moreover, the influence of the Herman Miller Aeron has been significant. It created such a stir on its unveiling that it spawned numerous inferior imitators, and quickly became the benchmark for ergonomic excellence. Today, it is an emblem for office life.

However, the real world has a nasty habit of making its impact felt, even within the illustrious world of Herman Miller. The pandemic has obviously had an enormous effect on us all, with side-effects both seen and unforeseen. For businesses, one of the consequences of the pandemic has been empty offices across the UK and the proliferation of remote working. This, in turn, has led to a reassessment by business leaders and CEOs on the economic benefits of extending the parameters of remote working for staff.

The end result has seen thousands of businesses make the decision to downsize their office space. The corollary is that firms across the UK are now in possession of great quantities of office furniture which they no longer require. A decade or so ago, such office furniture items would almost certainly have found themselves dumped in a rubbish tip. Today, this option is unconscionable, for reasons both economic and environmental.

The economic reasons for not throwing away unwanted office furniture items are simple. Zero Office Furniture will make an offer on any office furniture that is still in an acceptable position. We will purchase ordinary office chairs and desks that are still of use in bulks of 20+. When it comes to Herman Miller, we are willing to make an offer even on single items. Simply email Zero Office Furniture images of your items and their quantity and Zero Office Furniture will do the rest.

Sustainable office clearance

Environmentally, the sale of Herman Miller chairs to Zero Office Furniture also makes sense.

It is an imperative on us all to make sure that our planet is looked after for future generations. Throwing away perfectly good office furniture is not the way to achieve this. Far from being a small issue, or one not worth paying heed to, an awareness of the environment is now a must for businesses. Customers today keep a close eye on a company’s attitude towards sustainability. Abetted by Twitter, unethical behaviour will be quickly disseminated by eco-conscious customers.    

One of the most positive aspects of selling executive-level office furniture to Zero Office Furniture is the chance to enhance your environmental credentials. Everybody is today aware of the necessity of protecting our shared environment, with the drive for a more sustainable approach to life and work making an impact in politics, sport, fashion, manufacturing and even food production. Businesses of all stripes have no doubt felt the ripple effects of this, and many – if not all – have embedded sustainability and environmental procedures into their corporate social responsibility programmes.

The opportunity to avoid throwing away office furniture items – as well as the chance to pocket some cash – makes the sale option of Herman Miller to Zero Office Furniture a no-brainer. Sustainability is not going away, and the opportunity to make sure your business doesn’t miss out on the growing number utilising Zero Office Furniture’s service is too good to miss. In addition, our Hertfordshire base means that we are perfectly located for firms based in London and the Midlands.

There is a plethora of office furniture manufacturers from which to obtain excellent office furniture, but for many, Herman Miller is the pinnacle of office furniture design. At Zero Office Furniture, we are committed admirers of Herman Miller. That’s why you can sell Herman Miller chairs to us. Given how we feel about Herman Miller and their office furniture designs, you can rest assured that we’ll be keen to take their chairs off your hands.

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