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Free shipping available on all Herman Miller Chairs!
Free shipping available on all Herman Miller Chairs!

Zero Office Furniture's Office Chair Refurbishment Process

At Zero Office Furniture, our commitment to sustainability and quality converges in our unique Office Chair Refurbishment Process. We're not just refurbishing office chairs; we're giving them a new lease on life while saving the planet, one chair at a time.

Eco-Friendly Impact: Saving Thousands of Chairs Monthly

  • Environmental Stewardship: Every month, we rescue thousands of office chairs from ending up in landfills. Our process epitomizes our dedication to environmental conservation, significantly reducing waste and promoting a greener office environment.
  • Extending Chair Lifespan: Each chair we save not only benefits the environment but also exemplifies our belief in sustainable business practices. By refurbishing, we extend the life of office chairs, making the most of the resources already in circulation.

Comprehensive Refurbishment: Attention to Detail

  • Thorough Servicing: Our team of skilled professionals begins by meticulously servicing each chair. This includes a detailed inspection to identify any wear and tear.
  • Deep Cleaning: We ensure every chair undergoes a thorough cleaning process, using eco-friendly cleaning agents that restore its appearance while being gentle on the environment.
  • Expert Repair: Our repair process is comprehensive. From fixing minor scuffs to addressing significant structural issues, our team ensures every chair meets our high standards of quality and comfort.
  • Genuine Parts Replacement: Where necessary, we replace worn-out parts with genuine, high-quality components. This not only ensures the longevity of the chair but also maintains its original integrity and performance.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Savings for You

  • Save Up to 80% Off RRP: Choosing refurbished doesn’t mean compromising on quality. With Zero Office Furniture, you get premium, like-new chairs at a fraction of the cost. Our customers enjoy savings of up to 80% off the regular retail price, making our refurbished chairs a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.

Choose Zero Office Furniture: Where Sustainability Meets Style

Our Office Chair Refurbishment Process is more than just a service; it's a testament to our dedication to sustainability, quality, and affordability. By choosing Zero Office Furniture, you're not just getting a refurbished chair; you're making a statement about your commitment to the environment and your savvy business acumen.


Shop with us today and be a part of the change. Together, we can create sustainable, stylish, and comfortable workspaces that don't cost the Earth.