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Free shipping available on all Herman Miller Chairs!
Free shipping available on all Herman Miller Chairs!
Hertfordshire office furniture: Ethical, local, luxury

Hertfordshire office furniture: Ethical, local, luxury

Second-user office furniture on your doorstep

Second-user office furniture has gained enormous traction over the last few years. The main driver of this has been the recognition that a desire to live sustainably need not mean going without luxury. In this nexus of ethical consumer buying patterns and demand for high quality sits Zero Office Furniture, operating a business model both responsible and comprehensive, and to which our customers have enthusiastically responded.  

Executive-level designer office furniture is, of course, highly sought after. The modernisation of office space, massively influenced by firms like Google whose offices are almost self-contained worlds, has led to huge increased demand for office furniture that ticks every box: style, comfort, ease of use, look, feel and luxury. 

Today, businesses in London and elsewhere are reducing their office space, responding to employees eager to retain one of the few positive side effects of the pandemic, namely, the opportunity to work more frequently from home. This downsizing by firms has led to an explosion in the number and variety of executive-level second-user office furniture, giving our customers an unprecedented number of options from which to choose.

Hertfordshire office furniture: The local touch

Zero Office Furniture is based in Hertfordshire, ideally situated for customers in London and the home counties. It will come as no surprise to learn that London boasts more office space than any other city in the UK. This means that Zero Office Furniture has access to used office furniture from a plethora of offices in London, resulting in an extensive and diverse range of office furniture in which our customers are guaranteed to find the item that’s right for them.

In addition to our second-user office furniture collection, Zero Office Furniture has also formed close relationships with local sellers, who pass on their unwanted or no longer required office furniture to us in exchange for cash. This two-way arrangement has exposed a very tangible benefit for our customers in Hertfordshire and the home countries, allowing them to purchase or sell second-user furniture through a trusted local firm.

Customers based in south-east England and looking to embellish their office space receive free shipping on all our second-user office furniture. As a Hertfordshire office furniture firm, Zero Office Furniture is experienced in dealing with local offices, companies and individuals, maintaining warm relations with all of our customers, many of whom return to make additional purchases.

Working from home

Remote working became the ‘new normal’ for millions at the height of the pandemic. Now that lockdown measures are easing, many employees have seized the opportunity to continue working from home, with a healthy work-life balance finally coming to the fore as a concern for companies.

Those living within the London commuter belt are among the most keen to take up this offer to work remotely, given the gruelling commute many endured into the capital pre-pandemic. As a result, such employees are sprucing up their spare bedrooms, studies or even living rooms to create a home office that is stylish, comfortable and geared towards optimal working.

And, given the economic impact of the pandemic, these refurbishments need to take place within the parameters of a budget. This is where second-user office furniture comes in. Everybody recognises that chairs by Herman Miller and Vitra do not come cheap, making used office furniture the ideal solution. Not only can furniture from brands like Triumph, Senator, OrangeBox and Verco be obtained at a reduced price; our customers can also make a purchase with the added benefit of knowing that they are reusing an item that may have been thrown in landfill.

In addition, we audit every item to ensure that it is fit for use. That means that our customers can rest assured that their executive and designer office chair or boardroom desk will be in fine working condition. This service is coupled with a 12-month warranty on every second-user office furniture item, offering piece of mind and customer satisfaction. On top of this, Zero Office Furniture also offers a service whereby those in possession of office furniture surplus to requirements can sell it items to us, preventing the unwholesome option of consigning it to the tip and helping our customers pocket a bit of extra cash.

Zero Office Furniture has grown in popularity thanks to our acknowledgement of what it is our customers want: high-end second-user office furniture that doesn’t break the bank; office furniture that is in good condition and matches the item advertised; an open and communicative relationship with our customers, whether local or further afield; a warranty that reassures and provides security; and access to luxury and stylish office furniture that can help facilitate a comfortable but attractive work space.
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